Find a Book a Home Foundation


The Spring of 2010 found the Find a Book a Home Foundation on the road.

After collecting and boxing up a truckload of books we started out on the long journey to the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Carah met up with Mrs. Phyllis Yargee the manager of the Cherokee Nation Child Care

Resource Center.

" We delivered the books the just a couple of days before Easter." said Carah. "It was a great honor to help support the Cherokee Nation." Mr.s Yargee sent a letter that undicated that over 278 different child care providers, day care homes, and child care facilities were recpients of all of the books. She indicated that many of the childcare providers must use their funds to get essentials with and that sometimes books are considered a luxury.She said all of the free books have afforded many children the chance  to read and to learn to enjoy reading by having there very own books."


It is the hopes of the foundation to continue to provide books to other children and adults through other such mission trips.

Please continue to remember our motto:




October 2010  and on to the Appalachian Mountains.

Books were deliverd to the Cherokee Nation in Cherokee North Carolina for the use in the two libraries on the reservation and for their youth educational programs.


Newport Tennessee Elementary/ Middle School received enough books that each of its 400 students could take home 5 books each plus books for thier library and educational materials for there teachers. 

Dollywood Girl Scouts received cases of books to redistribute to children in need at Christmas time.

The summer of 2011 and Carah completed her goal of traveling the entire length of the Trail of Tears from start to end in honor of her ancestory who had also traveled that trail to the Indian reservation in Oklahoma many years ago.