Find a Book a Home Foundation

St. Jude's Hospital Memphis Tennessee

Spring of 2011 found the Find a Book a Home Foundation traveling to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Foundation delivered a truckload of books for the children there at St. Jude  they were donated in the name of Jessica Lovins who has been a patient of St. Jude for over 12 years. Jessica has a brain tumor and has had to have numerous surgeries over the years.

Carah said, "Jessica and I were in our church's children's choir together when we were about five years old and to watch her over the years and her courage and unwavering faith in God is a true testiment to all of those who meet her."

"There are many children at St. Jude who have very extensive stays and being able to have something to make the hours go by certainly is appreciated. I know because I remember my own illness as a young child. It also helps parents to have something to do with their sick child by being able to read a book to them."

St. Jude only accepts new books due to possible contamination and many of the children there have compromised immune systems. However if you have ANY books new or used that are in ANY foreign language St. Jude Hospital will take them. They have children there from all over the world and they have very little amount of books to offer them.

If you have books you can contact St. Jude directly at

or let the Find a Book a Home Foundation know and we will see that they get the books from you.

Thank you for supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital